Rising Spirit Academy - Tae Kwon Do in Oxford

Tae Kwon Do In Oxford

We offer Black Belts in multiple arts.

Are you looking to immerse yourself in traditional Martial Arts, with realistic personal protection skills? We offer Tae Kwon Do taught by friendly, qualified 21st Century instructors.

What do we offer?

Our Tae Kwon Do courses make students focused, healthy and prepared. Cutting-edge tuition and training aids help everyone explore and understand the techniques through practical experience.

How the course is run

We begin with the foundations of Tae Kwon Do, so you will quickly understand its physical and mental benefits. We run separate classes for each level, ensuring you are never intimidated by higher grades nor held back by new starters.

Remember: if you are a parent you can train alongside your child. To find out more and experience our courses for yourself, visit our Contact page to begin your journey.

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